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The KZN South Coast goes global with the 2015 World ShootOut competition

  • 27 Nov 2015

Rated as the biggest underwater photography competition, the World ShootOut Underwater Photo Grand Prix Competition is now in its 5th year. Off the back of an invitation from African Dive Adventures and as a result of attending one of the world’s largest oceanic and water-themed exhibitions – Das Boot in Germany – Ugu South Coast Tourism has announced that it is one of the top prize partners for the 2015 competition. Between 1 January and 1 November 2015, the entire underwater world plays host to a `huge underwater festival’, hosting young, amateur and professional photographers from all over the world, competing with each other for grand prizes including cash, luxurious diving trips, diving equipment, photo gear and more.

With this competition attracting over seven hundred thousand dollars’ worth of prizes and taking into account the tough exchange rate, this has by no means been an easy feat!

Producer David Pilosof initiated the first World ShootOut competition in 2011, introducing an international competition as never featured before. To this day there is reportedly no other underwater photography competition that attracts such a significant number of entries, nor offering such remarkable prizes.

Hundreds of photographers from countries around the world take part in the World ShootOut competition and thousands of images are submitted, ranging from those that capture the calm lakes of the Nordic countries and Canada, to others that showcase the exotic secrets of Alaska and dramatic images of the great white shark in the Gulf of Mexico or the hidden treasures on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal.

Screen Africa, August 2015